Good Job

Wow! this forum is really amazing and this shows me that what I have been searched for so long I will find in here only by maximum cooperation from you people as we can share some of the issues relating to a new language acquisition .
The forum has been prepared very well and I like it and I hope that it will help me know Setswana just like you guys :) .


  • Thank you @KennedyMlay !
    This is your space, do post any questions, comments or topics you would like to discuss - the team will get very busy to get some good replies to you!

  • @Simone thanks very much for the reply

  • @Simone For this mean while I'm very busy with my studies this will take me two months and when I'm done with it of course I will have a plenty of time to process this issue of new language acquisition
    Really sorry for late reply.

  • @Simone I actually do have a passion for it but my studies have been constituting obstacles for it we just have to wait for a while when I'm done I'be right back.

  • @KennedyMlay - oh, sorry I could not reply to you earlier!
    Oh, yes, I know who absorbing studies can be - taking all your time and energy!
    But whenever you are ready to ask the community a question, or just to say hello, we are here.
    Maybe there is something we can help you with your studies? You've got a large community of language speakers to ask! :)

  • you guys there are really good, I'm feeling so good you sacrifice all your time for somebody and make sure that the person gets what he or she wants.
    I have no problem with my studies I can handle them properly I just need a plenty of time and focus on them.

  • edited March 2017

    @Simone by May this year I will have finished my studies and have more time to spend on this forum and to also start discussion concerning with the new language acquisition I'm sure that I will be able to speak Setswana just like you people there.

  • Hi @KennedyMlay - again my apologies for getting back to you so late (we've got forums for 6 languages, so I can't always be on top of everything happening in them, although I should! :))
    Oh, all the best with your studies, it looks like it is the final stretch!
    I hope it all goes well from now until May, and whenever you feel you need a break, do come here and say hello, or post a word in the dictionary (it's very relaxing, and a little bit addictive!) :wink:

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