Learning Malay for Translation Purposes

My name is Ricardo.
I am from Indonesia.
I joined your forum to learn Malay (Bahasa Malaysia).
I wish to hone my Malay language skills in order to improve my Malay - Indonesian - English translation ability.
I have translated several Malay documents recently but I still have doubts about whether my translation from Malay to Indonesian or English is correct or not.
Please guide me.
Best regards.


  • Selamat datang :)

  • Thank you.

  • Hi Ricardo, welcome! My name is Aiza and I'm the administrator of this forum. It's great to have you aboard. We'd be happy to guide you through your translations from Malay to Indonesian/English; are there any specific things you need our views on? Do feel free to post any questions you have at any time.

    Normally we encourage everyone to post in Malay, but since you are not a native speaker it is fine for your posts and comments to be in English. I hope that participating in this forum will help you achieve your goals in improving your proficiency in Malay.

    Here's to future discussions!

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