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  • 2 is just not correct. 2) your salary has remained the same, which is USD1,000 per week with effect from 1 June 2019. Rewritten it works: It has been the same $1000 and will remain the same at June 1, 2019 and gong forward. Even 1 is wrong: 1) your salary remains the same, which is USD1,000 per week with effect from 1 June…
  • A. In a marketing campaign you are allowed to innovate. B. In a marketing campaign the more you innovate your slogan the more you will be remembered. C. We are going to see more and more compounding of words, as in, it's going to be a compoundword, after all, soon!
  • It's in the genre of apostrophe's[sic] = The belief that plural's[sic] are made with an apo. Grocer's[sic] can be allowed that.
  • People invent words all the time, sometimes by deliberately retaining a tyop[sic]. You should start a chatline for that, inviting people to submit their new words:Obesequious; nastissist; bigoat.
  • How to get my word Writerpreneur (n) = One who will write anything, pro or con, for a fee?