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  • I just asked a native USA English Teacher for the questions and I got the right answers. So that I decided to close this thread as no one helped me!
  • It's not the simple sentence. I saw the man. (A Completed sentence) I saw the man, whom you used to hate. (Whom used as the object in the relative clause) I saw the man. You used to hate him. (The both sentences are simple.) The simple sentences are: * Subject + Verb * Subject + Verb + Object * ... But the relative clauses…
  • @dcrosbie551 Hi, it's my mistake that it's should be its. As I could not edit the error, my question will not be changed, but with its not it's. ... Its dependencies (The countries, areas, etc. that are controlled by it) "The countries, areas, etc. that are controlled by it", is it correct?
  • Thank you very much, Mr. @DavidCrosbie!!!
    in How clause Comment by lb_c119 June 2019
  • Hi Mr. @DavidCrosbie, I searched the word extensive that I see it can be used to replace the words, large, important, serious etc. But I wonder about why did you not use the words? or When will we can use them?
    in How clause Comment by lb_c119 June 2019
  • Hi Mr. @DavidCrosbie, As you said that I have failed to understand, extensively, the meanings of the three sentences. What should I do?
    in How clause Comment by lb_c119 June 2019
  • Hi @DavidCrosbie, I'm so sorry that I forgot accepting your answer for this question soon. Because I needed more time to learn English grammar and tried to find out why you answered above this new comment. Again thank you so much for your helps! Good days to you !!! :)
    in Especially Comment by lb_c119 May 2019
  • @DavidCrosbie Again thank you for your answer that helped me so much.
    in Located Comment by lb_c119 April 2019
  • I found the south of as adverb, that is nearer to the south than something. But I am just the English learner, so that I need someone helps me check my understanding from the example. a small town located 30 miles south of Chicago [Understanding] A small town is built/put 30 miles to the south that is nearer than Chicago.
    in Located Comment by lb_c119 April 2019
  • Thank you very much, Mr. David Crosbie! I have tried to use your idea of using the adjectives to track the words/definitions like way which I could not find out the exact meaning. Finally, I think that the words/definitions based on their examples so that I only have one thing to do that is practice and practice as the…
  • I think no one will answer the question, so that I vote for closing the thread/question.