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  • You raise a valid question, sullah_ranjha114. The question of whether an integer relationship is essential for each word is something that deserves momentary thought, but then we quickly see that only those words for which a converse is appropriate, actually are relevant for this kind of examination. There is, in my view.…
  • Thank you for your gracious response, Simone, and I am looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. I do have a technical question, though. I am wondering how I ended up being [email protected] and @ablanes887 - I suspect this might create a bit of uncertainty. Best regards Alan
  • Thanks very much for your insights on this, Simone. I am a hardcore Ronan fan who follows Mr. Farrow on various social media, and I have seen discussions of various possible applications for the term "Ronan" as various parts of speech, adjective and as a verb. It will be interesting to see what kind of consensus might be…