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  • Thanks for your attention 🌺🌹

  • I mean in which cathagory they(one&ones) fall into? What do we call them?
    For example :

    Personal pronouns (e.g., he, they)
    Demonstrative pronouns (e.g., this, these)
    Interrogative pronouns (e.g., which, who)

  • Hi
    thanks, you are right as always, it is "dim" not " dime"
    But It was not my fault, I saw that sentense in some pages in the internet, for example in the following link line 23.

    in On the dime landing Comment by MohammadReza May 2019

  • Thanks so much 👏🌷🌼

  • Thanks for your answer.
    The whole passage;

    Supermarkets now carry their own products to compete with the national brands. These
    “house” brands are not in a felicitous position because they cannot be adve…