Please help me! Is this sentence correct??

Is this sentence correct?

I desire going abroad


  • Look up the verb desire here

    If you read the example sentences, you'll see that none of them have** desire** followed by an -ing form. In fact none of them have desire followed by any sort of verb form — with the exception of desire it to be.

    The grammar of the verb desire is that is usually followed by a NOUN PHRASE as OBJECT.

    In some contexts, it's possible to have a to + INFINITIVE PHRASE as OBJECT. So it's grammatical to write

    I desire to go abroad.

    but it's very strange in Present-Day English. It's much more natural to write

    I want to go abroad.
    I'd like to go abroad.

    If you wan't a more forceful wording, you could use

    I long to go abroad.
    I have an urge to go abroad.
    I have a desire to go abroad.

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