Punctuation marks & Capitals with Brackets

If in writing a parenthesis inside brackets and want to include a punctuation mark should that mark be

"I like style, (this is inelegant!) think again."

Or should it be:

"I like style, (this is inelegant)! Think again."

Incidentally am I still correct in placing a comma before the brackets?


  • Hi @Allsop
    I would go for your second option there, but without the comma.
    If you prefer your first option, then I think you should move the coma to after the brackets and before 'think'.
    In any case, have a look at this article from our English dictionary site, it may help clarify things:
    Parentheses and brackets ( ) [ ]
    I hope it helps!

  • Thank you Simone. Funny when I was at school back in the 1950's I was taught to always put a comma before brackets and now it seems that it is wrong to do so.

  • Hi there @Allsop,

    I think I would write this as 'I like style (this is inelegant!). Think again.' If using a comma, I'd say it's definitely best not to put the comma before the brackets.

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