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All Collocations of "get"

edited May 2018 in General

I wanna get all collocations of "get".


  • DavidCrosbieDavidCrosbie ✭✭✭
    edited May 2018

    You'll probably never get all collocations, @elenaemars1, but here as a starting point is a list of all the current references in the OED online:

    get aboard, to; get about, to; get above --, to; get abroad, to; get-acquainted; get across, to; get across --, to; get again, to; get ahead, to; get along, to; get along with you; get any (also much), to; get a person nowhere, to; get (a person's) back up, to; get a person somewhere, to; get a room, to; get around, to; get around--, to; get a stomach, to; get at--, to; get away, to; get away with it, to; get away with murder, to; get away with, to; get away with you; get back at (also now less commonly on), to; get back, to; get back to, to; get before, to; get by heart, to; get by oneself, to; get by rote, to; get by, to; get by--, to; get done with to; get down on, to; get down, to ; get down to it, to; get forth, to; get forward, t;o get from --, to; get going, to; get ground of (also upon), to; get ground, to; get his (also hers, theirs), to; get in bad (or wrong), to; get in first, to; get in good, to; get in on, to; get inside --, to; get in there; get in, to; get into one's hand, to; get into one's possession, to; get into –, to; get in with, to; get it?; get it on to; get it over with, to; get it, to; get it together, to; get it up, to; get knowledge (intelligence, †wit, etc.) of, to; get lost, to; get mine (also yours) to; get moving, to; get-nothing; get off by heart, to; get off from, to; get off it; get off of, to; get off, to; get off --, to; get off to sleep, to; get off with, to; get of--, to; get one over on, to; get one over, to; get one's back up, to; get oneself gone, to; get oneself out, to; get one's name from, to; get one's own back, to; get one's way(s), to; get on in years or life to; get on one's feet, to; get on or get out, to; get on, to; get on--, to; get on to --, to; get on with it, to; get out of bed, to; get out of control, to; get out of it; get out of one's depth, to; get out of reach, to; get out of sight, to; get out of--, to; get out the vote, to; get out, to; get out what one puts in, to; get over oneself, to; get over the footlights, to; get over, to; get over --, to; get-penny; get round, to; get round --, to; get (someone) at it, to; get somewhere (also anywhere), to; get thee (you) away, hence, in, out; get thee (you) gone; get the most (also best) out of, to; get-there; get there, t ; get through the court, to; get through, to; get through --, to; get through with, to; getting any? (also much?); getting on for; get together, to; get to, to; get to--; to get-tough; get under, to; get up again, to; get up and get, to; get up and go, to; get up early (in the morning), to; get upon --, to; get up steam, to; get up, to; get up to, to; get-well; get within --, to; get with --, to; have got 'em (bad), to; have got it in for, to; have got on, to; I wish you may get it; not to get anywhere; not to get a person anywhere; tell (someone) where he or she gets off, to; tell (someone) where to get off, to; there is no getting away from; what has got--?; where does -- get off?; where does -- get off doing (also to do)?; where does it get you (etc.)?; where has (also have) --got to?

    The list isn't up-to-date, as the OED is always revising. And some of these are out-of-date. In any case, there must be many, many collocations which are too obvious in meaning to interest the dictionary editors.

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