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Function of expert

John was regarded as an expert.
What is the function of the word "expert " in the above sentence ?
Is it an "object complement" or a "prepositional complement (object of preposition)"?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,
    expert is an object complement here. No preposition in the context.

  • In the ACTIVE senetnce
    They regarded John as an expert
    it seems sensible to regard regard as as a PREPOSITIONAL VERB which is DITRANSITIVE with

    • John as OBJECT
    • an expert as OBJECT COMPLEMENT

    However, in the PASSIVE sentence
    John was regarded as an expert
    we must recognise

    • John as SUBJECT

    So I think we should recognise

    • an expert as SUBJECT COMPLEMENT

    The alternative is to analyse

    • regard as a VERB
    • as an expert as a PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE functioning as an ADJUNCT

    Having written this, I think I've changed my mind. I now prefer the second analysis.

    • It yields the same function for as an expert in both ACTIVE and PASSIVE sentences
    • It yields the same analysis for They regarded John highly or John was highly regarded — with highly as an ADJUNCT
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