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Get rid of Lexico pls!

edited July 2019 in General

Can we get rid of Lexico? Whenever I type the British spelling of a word, such as 'empathise', it doesn't find it. Also I can no longer select which dictionary to use, be it BrE or AmE. Neither can I show that AmE is actually a branch of 'world English'. Disappointing for a British dictionary.


  • The Oxford Dictionary website recently changed to something called 'Lexico' instead.

  • DavidCrosbieDavidCrosbie ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019

    I googled Lexico and found some Spanish website. Nothing to do with OUP.

    But when I visited the website I saw that, like you, I'd somehow been directed to it.

    So, the immediate way to get rid of it is to quit Lexico and open Oxford Dictionaries.
    Then — if you know how to do it — delete the Lexico cookie from your browser.

    I suspect that somebody planted a link in a query. We must be careful in future.

  • There is no way to revert to the old style, I just read a little bit further into it and it says the website "defaults to British and World English", but I find this is not the case.

  • Hi @weilderofwords, @DavidCrosbie
    Please have a look at this post: Our English and Spanish sites have relocated - it will explain why we are now being re-directed to Lexico.

    Regarding the issue @weilderofwords flagged up, I think this from their FAQs and About information can help clarify things:

    When looking up a word in English, I used to be able to toggle between a US and UK Dictionary, is that still the case?
    When searching in the English Dictionary, a toggle between US and UK English is no longer provided. We treat all of English as one dataset, but default with British and World English (which is equivalent to the UK Dictionary toggle selection). That means when you look up a word, you will most likely find the British and World English spelling and pronunciation. However, some US English words don’t exist within this dataset, and in that case, you may come across a US entry for a word as there is no British and World English option. The main spellings and pronunciations for the US entries will be US English.

    I hope this is useful!

  • Hi @Simone

    I did read that but if it defaulted to British and World English, when I search for an entry like 'empathise' or 'globalise', it would find them. It's annoying now having scroll down to click on 'globalize'.

  • I stand corrected.

    For a time, I was able to access an old Oxford Dictionaries Online page as well as some Lexico pages. I concluded that Lexico was an interloper. Not so, alas!

    Personally, I can live without the extras which have been withheld. We should, after all, be grateful for the free access to the main facility.

    I see that the publishers of Lexico provide a US English dictionary. I presume that it's not supplied by Oxford.

  • Could they at least amend the script so it recognises the British spelling of words?

  • Hi @weilderofwords
    I think this would be very helpful.

    Do you mind suggesting this directly to them? I have no behind-the-scenes access to their site at all, as we are just providing the content.
    But here is the link to their contact form:

    I think you've got a good point there and this is good feedback - I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

  • SimoneSimone admin
    edited July 2019

    All the content that has the Powered by Oxford logo displayed on the page (as on the screenshot below) is provided by us.

    Have a great weekend!

  • I sent them a message about a week ago and haven't seen any change, nor received any feedback. Also I find that the website has become very annoying to use since the changes. For example, when I try to input a word into the search bar using copy and paste, I find there are always drop down menus which get in the way offering me Spanish dictionary instead usually.

    Also, when I input a word and scroll down, nowadays the page often just scrolls all the way to the bottom inexplicably, and I have to scroll back up to the top! Can you fix all of these things pls? It was so much better before.

  • Hi @weilderofwords

    I hear your frustration, but I'm afraid fixing these things is now completely outside my (or my colleagues') control.
    As I mentioned above, we no longer host our free English and Spanish dictionary sites, we merely supply the content to, which is not an OUP site.

  • Hi @Simone , could you clarify what exactly has happened to the Oxford dictionary? If Lexico is not an OUP site, why did it suddenly change one day? And how can I access the proper Oxford dictionary? I keep coming across new problems, for example you'd think if you searched for 'supplies' it would find (or at least list) 'supply', but yet it fails to do this now. I'm sure it wasn't like this before. Who should I get in touch with to report these problems? As I mentioned, I wrote to them using the feedback tab, but have had nothing in the way of a reply. Quite frustrating as you mention actually.

  • Hi @weilderofwords
    This is all better explained in more detail here:
    Our English and Spanish sites have relocated

    But briefly, the English and Spanish websites which were managed by OUP no longer exist, as we have partnered with and are now providing the content of those two dictionaries to them (and belongs to them).
    So any problems with the site need to be reported to them, through the feedback link you'v already used I'm afraid.
    I'm very aware that this doesn't help much, but unfortunately that is the only communication channel with them I am aware of.

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