Please Read the Synonyms Offered with the Definition of "Patriotic"

Please take notice of the synonyms offered for the word "patriotic, offered beneath the definition. Beside being offensive (it is beside the POINT, if the words are, indeed, synonyms), these are NOT, at ALL, synonyms for the term!!! How biased and slanted. Much like law, language is black and white. There should be no bias, in the DICTIONARY, of all places! This is why our country's educational system is failing, rendering our children more and more illiterate, with each successive generation.

The ALLEGED synonyms are as follows:_ nationalist · nationalistic · loyalist · loyal ·** chauvinistic** · jingoistic · jingo · flag-waving · isolationist · xenophobic · spreadeagle_


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    Much like law, language is black and white.

    I totally disagree.
    Language is a communicative transaction between two parties.
    Neither party can appeal to the equivalent of a law court.

    The ALLEGED synonyms are as follows:

    They're not. But I see why the layout misled you.

    The only synonyms offered for patriotic are

    nationalist, nationalistic, loyalist, loyal

    Those related adjectives are synonyms of nationalist and chauvinistic.

    The entry can indeed be criticised. But it's a matter of muddle and misleading linkage rather than bias.

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