Adding the word "Disrecommend" in the dictionary.


1) To recommend the opposite or negation of; to advise against.

2) Not prefer something; used in a hatred tone.


  • The word is already in the Oxford English Dictionary. It's described as 'obsolete'. And it was rare even when it was used. The only quotation is from 1611:

    The untunableness of one or two Instruments dis-recommends the whole Musical Consort.

    The meaning is covered by one sense of discommend. Admittedly not a particularly common word, but it has been in continual use for centuries. The most recent quotation is from 1958:

    The existing grant system..has little to recommend or discommend it.

  • edited January 8

    I agree, however the term "obsolete" is not related to disrecommend anymore. Disrecommend should be a word itself, it was also said in 1749 by Joakim Philander. ( However, it should be added. Pretty common nowadays. Edit: Used by other known people:

  • @DavidCrosbie You meant the term disrecommend is already there?

  • @DavidCrosbie Ah thanks. However, they should still add it on the online version. Can't find it.

  • @DavidZixar, the word is in the online version of the OED.
    It isn't in other online dictionaries — or, indeed, in any other dictionaries — because it isn't currently in use, and when it was in use it was very, very rare.
    If it becomes popular, then future dictionaries will include it.

  • It's already in many dictionaries.

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