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How do the native people understand the words such as way (method (the particular way ...) ...)?

Hi all,

I am trying to understand English in English for learning computer science but unfortunately English is not my first language. One of the cases that I always meet is the definition/word pointed to another and the other pointed to the first word again. What should I do? The following words that I found in my 8th Oxford advanced learner's dictionary.



1 [Countable] a method, style or manner of doing something

1 [Countable] a particular way of doing something

Best Answers


  • Thank you very much, Mr. David Crosbie! I have tried to use your idea of using the adjectives to track the words/definitions like way which I could not find out the exact meaning.

    Finally, I think that the words/definitions based on their examples so that I only have one thing to do that is practice and practice as the native people.

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