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It Rhymes with 'orange'

edited April 2019 in General

OED states " 'orange has almost no perfect rhymes'," and provides only one example of an imperfect rhyming word, "a very rare alternative form of sporangium," (presumably, they are referring to the word '“sporange.") I have found a strong rhyme for 'orange'. Though it blends across two words, it is still a perfectly legitimate rhyming with the word 'orange'. I have used it in two of my own poems without anyone disagreeing with its rhyming success. I have also previously sent this information to OED, but never received a response, nor have their assertions about the matter of rhyming with 'orange' been been updated on their pages. I don't really know what to do to get their attention (unless one of you believes I have not offered a legitimate solution to this problem.) These are two excerpts that illustrate my usage:

(from "Rhyme or Not", ©red slider, 2019)

"with a stubborn orange that fails
to topple tradition’s desk-top apple
from its place within our war-torn jails" and,

(from "Poems For Change", ©red slider, 2011)

"was greased to the core and certain to fail, though
he'd carefully placed an impossible 'orange'
in the fading light of a war-torn jail;"

These are just two identical rhyming examples I have used in my own work. It does open up any number of possibilities, however, by replacing the leading term ('torn') with any words with an 'orn' ending ('born', 'forlorn', 'shorn', etc.) and the trailing term with words that begin with a 'j' or a soft 'g' sound. I'll leave it as an exercise for readers to explore such possibilities.


  • Hi @redslider,

    Thank you for having submitted a suggestion for the OED, the editors always appreciate this sort of feedback.

    Unfortunately they are not able to get back to people individually because they receive thousands of suggestions.

    An OED entry will be amended depending on whether the evidence submitted is sufficient or not - but every suggestion is checked.

    I hope this helps clarify the matter!

  • Thank you, OED. It is good to know that OED actually reads and considers suggestions from its forum. And thank you, OED, for the part you play in keeping the English language in good working order. That is really quite important. omoiyari, Red Slider

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