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Food writing - capitalization of pavlova

Can anyone help me understand why would the word "pavlova" is not capitalized in Oxford (named after a dancer named Anna Pavlova) while the w in "beef Wellington" is capitalized?

I'm producing a recipe for print and this struck me as odd.
Thank you!


  • There seems to be a convention that names are spelled as names if they follow the food word that they qualify — beef Wellington, omelette Arnold Bennet etc. This is an odd way to name dishes — using French word order even with English words.

    That said, the OED entry for pavlova shows that it was originally Pavlova cake. This was just like the pseudo-French names, except for the English word-order with the qualifier first.

    Another Antipodean artist is remembered both ways — Melba toast and toast Melba.

    The dessert you're writing about has lost the word cake from its food-name.

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