awesome and great

what is the different between two words? and how can use it in situation ?



  • Both words are used for different purposes I guess.

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    I'm British and in my seventies. I remember when awesome was used only by Americans who were much younger than me. It was a fashionable word, but — unlike most fashions — it stayed in the language and became more and more popular all over the world. Still, that was too late for me; I never use the word in the new sense. I suspect this is true for many older English speakers.

    The 'new sense' is

    'excellent in a way that's impressive to me'.

    I use the word in its old sense:

    'impressive in a way that people (not just me) find overwhelming'.

    Great has more meanings, including 'very large', 'very important', 'very intense', 'very powerful'.

    The situation in which some people can use great and awesome to mean the same thing is when

    • Someone is speaking — or writing in a very informal style.
    • The speaker is fairly young.
    • He or she is expressing a personal judgement.
    • He or she is excited.
    • He or she is describing something that they find unusually excellent.

    If you are not a native English speaker, then I suggest that you should use awesome

    • only if you're speaking to people that you know
    • only if you've heard them use awesome
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