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Please help me to get a better grade.


I'm a student from germany and we have recently written a test where we had to translate sentences to english. I haven't scored to terrible overall, but I'm missing one point to the better grade.
And that is where you come in. One sentence we had to translate was: "The news about her pregnancy are going to make headlines countrywide.", yet instead of countrywide I've written: "The news about her pregnancy are going to make headlines all around the country"
I had a discussion with my teacher about whether or not "all around the country" could be used in the context of news spreading. He said, that it could only be used if e.g. a person travels "all around the country.
I don't want you to lie on this just for me to get the better grade. I would much rather see some honest opinions on this, to see if I was right!
I hope you can help me :)


  • My opinion (I am not an expert) : I believe "headlines all around the country" could be used in this context. It is not necessary to travel all around the country, just the news has to travel all around the country. This could be done by telephone, letter, etc. I think both sentences are equivalent.

  • DavidCrosbieDavidCrosbie ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019

    I would give a better grade for

    The news about her pregnancy is going to make headlines countrywide.

    And though it wouldn't get an even better grade, I'd prefer:

    News of her pregnancy is going to make headlines countrywide.

    I might also give you a better grade for the spellings Germany and English.

    And perhaps for translate into English

    For me, countrywide sounds better than around the country — but not very much better.

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