what is this meaning please

**What is the meaning of " You certainly colour thing's " **


  • DavidCrosbieDavidCrosbie ✭✭✭


    1. The spelling thing's can only represent 'of thing' — which means nothing at all.
    2. Certainly means 'I have no doubt that...'. What this signifies must depend on the context. We can't tell why the speaker chooses to say this when we can see.hear only this one sentence out of context. When we use certainly, there's usually an implied contrast. One possible reason is that the speaker/writer is feeling generally critical but approves of this one feature. Another possible reason is that the speaker/writer expected something different, and so is surprised. Yet another possible reason is that the speaker/writer is impressed.
    3. To colour things means 'to make things more colourful'. But again we can't know the significance out of context because colourful can have different meanings. It can literally refer to appearance and the variety of shades of colour. Or it can refer to interesting and exciting detail.
    4. Things as the OBJECT of a verb usually means 'things in general' — in effect 'eveything'.
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