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Are specific morphemes defined in ODO? Link to API?

I'm designing a learning resource for nursing students. I'll use the API to import whole words, and want also definitions of their morphemes: osteo-; vasculo-, thrombo-; -itis. Are definitions of morphemes available in ODO?
How can I use the ODO API to import definitions of morphemes into the resource?


  • The OED has very full entries for the combining forms osteo- and thrombo-, and for the suffix -itis. There is no entry for vasculo-. The dictionary attached to this website has brief entries for the same three word-elements — with brief definitions, which may as much as you want.

    I'm guessing that this online dictionary is what you mean by 'ODO'. I have no idea what an 'API' is.

    Neither dictionary uses the term morpheme in the way you suggest. A different discipline?

  • Hi @RuthNewby

    It looks like your question is more appropriate for our API forum (you should be able to use the same login details there, but you will need to enter your details again for it to work).

    Coincidentally, there was a recent question about similar endpoints (although not maybe not exactly what you are trying to do) - and it looks like the data in the form you need are not currently available as a very complete set.

    However, you can always repost your question there with a bit more detail and I'll get my colleagues from the technical team to provide you with a more specific answer.

    I hope this is useful!

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