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As a result of this, this forum is now closed.

The English dictionary community team would like the opportunity to say a huge thanks to all of you who participated by posting questions and helping other community members.
We hope this forum was useful, and that you enjoyed being a part of it.

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Hello! I'm new here and joined to get some feedback from time to time that will help optimize my writing. I would like to know more about these forums though, specifically is it possible to edit and delete posts after submitting them, and if so, are there are any restrictions about these? I tried to find some forum rules or policies and to search the forum but could not find any information. Are forum searches working right now or am I doing something wrong in the way I'm searching? Here is a screenshot of a search attempt that I thought should produce results but didn't.

Thanks for any help getting started!


  • Hi @Sesquipedalian
    Apologies for the late reply, but welcome to our community! I hope you find it useful.

    In reply to your questions, unfortunately members do not have the possibility of editing or deleting posts. However, if there is anything that you ever wanted edited or deleted, you can always contact myself of one of the other admins (you will see an 'admin' tag next to our usernames) and we can do it for you.

    Regarding the search function, it seems to have stopped working.
    Thank you for flagging this up, I was not aware of it!
    Bear with me, I'll raise this with the support team, hopefully this can be fixed soon.

  • Hi again @Sesquipedalian
    There was indeed a bug on the search function (so thanks again for calling our attention to it!), which has now been fixed by the technical support team.
    Of course, let us know if you notice anything else that seems broken.
    Enjoy our English community! :)

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