Off the bus

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Would you tell me the meaning of the sentence "I'm not some young girl off the bus," in the following passage? What does it mean? Can you rewrite it in a simple way?

You're so arrogant.
Me? What do you do around here besides walking around like you're trying to get raped? Excuse me? I'm not some young girl off the bus.
I don't need some madam from a Shanghai whorehouse to show me the ropes.
I'm sorry.

From Mad Men TV show, season 4 , episode 8

Thanks in advance.


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    I could be wrong, but I suspect that it refers to the stereotype of a naive young girl from the country who has just arrived in the big city by bus.

    In that era, few people travelled by plane. And long-distance buses were cheaper than trains.

    off = 'no longer on' — in this case 'immediately after being on'
    the bus = 'the long-distance bus that brought me here'

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