Especially adverb

more with person, thing, etc. than with others, or more in particular circumstances than in others

More determiner, pronoun

(used as the comparative of ‘much’, ‘a lot of’, ‘many’) more (something/of something) (than…) a larger number or amount of

In the above definitions, I have not understood more with ... than with others what does it mean in the following examples:

  • The car is quite small, especially if you have children.
  • Teenagers are very fashion conscious, especially girls.
  • I love Rome, especially in the spring.

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  • Hi @DavidCrosbie,

    I'm so sorry that I forgot accepting your answer for this question soon. Because I needed more time to learn English grammar and tried to find out why you answered above this new comment.

    Again thank you so much for your helps! Good days to you !!! :)

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