Somethings VS. Something

Hi all,

Thanks for reaching my post.
While learning English, I came across a sentence which looks strange and it got me so confused:

"There are somethings important in the book on Asian history."

As "something" is an indefinite pronoun, shouldn't it be "some things important" or "some important things" instead of "somethings important"?

Below is what I've found from the online Cambridge Dictionary:

Someone, somebody, something, somewhere are indefinite pronouns. They function in a similar way to some. We use them in affirmative clauses and in questions expecting a particular answer. We can use them to refer to both general and specific people or things. We use them with a singular verb

Can the sentence above be grammatically correct by any chance?
Any of your answers would be a big help.



  • In my opinion, it is definitely wrong.

    It is even difficult to turn it around to have it make sense. A book has text in it, perhaps also illustrations, but does it have things?

    "Some things written in the book on Asian history are important."
    "There are some important things written in the book on Asian history."

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