Give me a rundown!!!

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Give me the rundown !!!

Renee: We need to book a meeting room. But the meeting rooms are almost booked out. I'm still working on that.
Michelle: Please try your best to get us a room. Your know we cannot reschedule the rehearsal.
Renee: I'll do my best. And I'll make sure all the presentation slides are ready on the computer.
Michelle: Good. And don't forget to give me the rundown on the rehearsal.
Sam No problem. Renee and I will see to it.
Michelle: Then that concludes our meeting today. Let's roll.

✍🏾Explanation :

Rundown - A detailed report

🔺Example : Here's a rundown on/of the activities of our ten biggest competitors.


  • I wouldn't think of a rundown as being in any way detailed, more of a summary or overview. Here is the relevant definition from the OED:

    b. orig. U.S. A summary or brief account of pertinent facts, esp. one given verbally; a short description; a listing of items of information.

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