Art Exhibition Title

Hello, would you please help me check the following translations of an art exhibition which is philosophically titled?
Are the four options grammatically correct and rhetorically preferable?

A. Non-daily Representation of the Daily
B. Representation of the Non-daily from the Daily
C. The Non-daily Representing the Daily
D. The Non-daily Representation in Daily

For Case D, I’m wondering if the word “daily” could serve as an uncountable noun. If not, shall I use “in Daily Life” or “in the Daily” instead?
Besides, what’s the difference of the three prepositions in this case: Representation of/ in/ from the Daily?
The last, since the word “representation” could serve as an uncountable noun, does it make any difference if I delete its article?
I do look forward to your help! Many thanks in advance!


  • DavidCrosbieDavidCrosbie ✭✭✭

    @lku528, the most serious problem is that non-daily _ just isn't English.
    For generic use _the daily _ isn't much better.
    We do say _the everyday
    with the meaning that you seem to want. But I struggle to think of an opposite. We say something you don't see every day, but this won't fit in your title.

    The best I can think of is

    The Exceptional Representing the Everyday
    The Everyday as Represented by the Exceptional

    As to the grammar of you four, A and C are OK. But the prepositions from and in are unacceptable. So

    B. Representation of X by Y. or though Y
    D. The X representation of Y.

    I find the use of in very strange in D. Could it be that the word you translate as representation is closer to reflection? The you could write

    The Exceptional Reflected in the Everyday

  • DavidCrosbie, thank you so much for the detailed reply!
    I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions. The translations you suggested are very useful to me, and I think you do figure out the point I have been trying to express. Many thanks again!! :)

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