How long does it typically take for an update to the OED to be accepted?

In June 2018 I submitted earlier evidence for an existing word. I have received no response. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


  • SimoneSimone admin
    edited April 8

    Hi @hogang
    Oh, thank you for having submitted a suggestion for the OED.

    The editors always appreciate evidence for antedating words very much, but unfortunately they are not able to get back to people individually because they receive thousands of suggestions.

    An OED entry will be amended depending on whether the evidence submitted is sufficient or not - but every suggestion is reviewed and the words without enough evidence are not dismissed: they are added to a watch list to wait for more evidence to be gathered.

    So it is difficult to say if and when an update will happen, as this can vary a lot.

    There is a much better explanation of the process here: How words are added to the OED

    I hope this helps clarify the matter!

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