Making the most of the Oxford English Dictionary in the classroom

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Katherine Martin, Head of U.S. Dictionaries, and Fiona McPherson, Senior Editor – OED New Words, presented about exploring the OED to make full use of its resources for research and teaching.

They took us on virtual tours of the OED, showing how to unlock the potential of the historical and linguistic data in the dictionary’s entries.

Katherine and Fiona also provided an overview of some of the OED teaching resources available.

This session covered:
• A virtual tour of the OED
• Navigating an entry to get historical data, with examples
• Using features such as timelines, advanced search, and the Historical Thesaurus to uncover the hidden riches of the OED
• An overview of the OED’s teaching resources, and ideas for how to use them in the classroom
• Q&A session

Who is this for?
Anyone who is interested in…
• Knowing more about what the OED has to offer
• Using the OED as a teaching resource
• Lexicography and historical data in the OED

Please note: Two sessions were presented, one with examples more relevant to North America and another to the UK. They provide, however, essentially the same information.

US session with Katherine Martin, Head of U.S. Dictionaries

UK session with Fiona McPherson, Senior Editor – OED New Words

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