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G'day, hope this is the right place to put this....

A few years ago an articulate friend of mine told me a word during a discussion that was = to what I was saying however, in the interim, I've forgotten so I'm hoping if I explain this correctly someone might know what word I'm looking for.

I am a travel agent and I was explaining one evening to my friend how frustrating I find the following:

So, I have a client who wants to date change their ticket. The thing is, their ticket is non-refundable and changeable for a hefty fee. The cost to change the ticket was $240 however they could buy a new ticket for $180 so they could save $60 if they just bought a new ticket. The problem was they were sooo attached to their old ticket they couldn't see the forest for the trees!

The word I'm looking for means that an inanimate object (like an airline e-ticket), holds such a persuasive power over them, any other options becomes moot. It's like an inanimate object becomes, "That's my airline ticket and YOU can't touch it!" kind of thing and any offer of any kind is ignored or seen as lesser.

Sorry if I'm in the wrong chat group but I really wanna remember what this word was.

Regards Grant


  • DavidCrosbieDavidCrosbie ✭✭✭

    You could say the client is making a fetish of the ticket that they hold.

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