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expressing agreement/disagreement

hey .. :smile:
i need some help.. kindly help me in writing my assignment.. :)
Q- Express ur agreement as well as dis agreement on the following issues. (write two sentences for each situation). choose a different expression each time. follow the example.
example situation: he will have to study very hard for his exam.
agreement: yes please,it's delicious.
disagreement: thank you, but i really can't eat more.

  1. He doesn't like mushrooms. (agree)
  2. The best place for animals to live is in their natural habitat. (disagree)
  3. I can touch my nose with my tongue. (agree)
  4. You won't go to work tomorrow,will you? (disagree)
  5. I think everybody should have access to fee healthcare. (agree)
  6. Footballers earn too much money. (disagree)
  7. Would you like another piece of chocolate cake? (accept)
  8. Please have some more fried chicken. (refuse)
  9. We are going to local car show. Would you like to join us? (refuse)
  10. We're having a party on Saturday. would you like to come? (accept_)
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