Who is WHAM?

Hello everyone.
I have a question about one word in one of Ph.J.Farmer's short stories He was USA SF writer.
One of my favourite Farmre's stories is "The God Business" (1954). Many times I have read this story in Russian. There are four Russian translations of this story, but unfortunately these translations are of rather poor quality. Not long ago I decided to make my own translation, as close to the text as possible. But one of words, correctly acronym made a serious problem for me. One of heroes - major Lewis (female) is "WHAM officer". And what is WHAM? I have searched all dictionaries I had found and nothing seems convincing on context. So, what is WHAM?
These are two places in the text where WHAM is:

The screen went white. Lights flashed on. Major Alice Lewis, WHAM, put down her baton.
“Well, gentlemen, any questions? None?


He laughed, and his vast mouth megaphoned the sound. Alice, no longer the cocky WHAM officer,
gripped my hand hard.

Thank you very much.

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