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"the" or not "the"

Hello everyone,

I have to write a dissertation about a charitable named "St Anthony's trust".

I was puzzled about the title. Do you think that I should write "community-supported agriculture. St Anthony's trust" or "community-supported agriculture. The St Anthony's Trust"?

Sorry for my bad English but I have just started to write in this language.


  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if I understood your sentence. Is "St. Anthony's Trust" the beginning of a sentence?
    You should use defenite article "the" before proper nouns when you want to emphasize the name for some reason - e.g. you want to distinguish the noun from others, "the Trump administration". Some proper names usually comes with the article (although it should be not capitalized - e.g. "the United Kingdom, the Statue of Liberty".
    In your case you could consider using "the" before St. Anthony's Trust, as there are other trusts and you want to focus on this particular one. However, you should not capitilize the article, unless it is in the beginning of a sentence, of course.

    I hope I was able to help you. If now, please drop me another line.


  • Capitalisation is important in titles, @Pielle92.

    • If community is the first word of the title, it should be Community
    • Since it's the name of a charity, all three words should be capitalised St. Anthony's Trust.
    • Whether or not to include the depends on the wording used by the charity itself.
      If you do include it, the it should be capitalised here in the title The St. Anthony's Trust. — but not in the body of the dissertation.

    However, if the charity name is in another language, it would be simpler to insert the untranslated name between non-capitalised the and trust. For example Italian the San Antonio trust, French the Saint Antoine trust.

    I'm not happy with the full stop in your title. A colon would be much better, I think.
    I also think it would be better with some explanation of the relationship between the two part s of the title. Something like

    Community-supported agriculture: the case of (The) St Anthony's Trust
    (The) St Anthony's Trust: an exercise in community-supported agriculture

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