Verb agreement

Food and wine (was / were) reserved.


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    Sorry, I made a mistake , the correct sentence is:
    Food and wine (was / were) served.
    Was or were? Why?

  • Even though "food" and "wine" are considered uncountable nouns, when they are used together, with conjunction "and" they become plural. Therefore, you should use the plural form were.


  • DavidCrosbieDavidCrosbie ✭✭✭

    Both was and were are OK, but they mean slightly different things.

    Food and wine was served means 'a combination of food and wine was served'.

    Food and wine was served means 'food was served and wine was served'.

    OK, there's very little difference, but these are two ways of seeing the same event.

    In the first, the writer sees the event as typical hospitality.

    In the second, the writer describes the particular form of hospitality.

    The second version with were is more normal. but the first is not impossible.

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