Handbuilt, hand-built or hand built

Hi. Our International organisation is starting to use the word handbuilt in marketing campaigns and slogans, so I want to be 100% clear on the proper use. I've always considered it as two separate words unlike handmade, but I've seen it used across the web in all ways, so I'm reaching out for some clarity if anyone could help shed some light?

Much appreciated


  • @olipowell, I think the only evidence you should consider is other international marketing campaigns.

    With any luck, there are not many of these using the word, and they might be willing to explain their choice of spelling.

  • Ok, thanks. Is there no right or wrong between the three then?

  • A. In a marketing campaign you are allowed to innovate. B. In a marketing campaign the more you innovate your slogan the more you will be remembered. C. We are going to see more and more compounding of words, as in, it's going to be a compoundword, after all, soon!

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