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Words used to describe a string of electrical lights in British English

Can you tell me some different words for a string of electrical lights/ electrical cable with lights attached, either with or without decorations, in British English? Not necessarily for a Christmas tree. Also, what is the American English equivalent? Thanks!


  • A string of lights is about as close as I can think of but, while it implies that they are all connected, that need not necessarily be the case providing that they are arranged more or less linearly (e.g. you might describe the illuminations of a fishing fleet on the horizon as a string of lights).

  • The term festoon is also used. You'd have to say festoon lights unless it was obvious from the context that you didn't mean a festoon made of flowers or some other decoration.

    I think you can also say a festoon of lights, just as you can say a string of lights.

  • Thanks for the help guys!

  • Hi @temcw. I would also say fairy lights, if the lights are very small.

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