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Looking for word that means easily recovered or easily healed. Quickly repairable by design.

Hello, All,

I have been looking for an English word that means possibly "quickly and easily recovered by nature" or "has an inherent ability to bounce back or be repaired, possibly even by design, after damage". I don't mind if the word has connotations of mechanical or even biological nature. As a note I am not looking for a synonym of "robust" or "durable" as that connotes an ability to withstand damage or catastrophic change. Moreover I find the words "resilient" and "adaptable" to also connote imperviousness a bit too much (despite online definitions of resilient describing what I seek). More something that exudes "effortlessly remedied or cured".

I suppose I am looking for a synonym of elastic or elasticity but one that connotes a sense of repair with ease as opposed to just returning to an original state. However thus far, elastic has been the closest in my opinion.

Many Thanks!


  • How about easily fixed ?

  • And look at this list of synonyms for reparable from the associated online dictionary:

    rectifiable, remediable, able to be put right, able to be set right, curable, restorable, recoverable, retrievable, salvageable

    Without knowing what you want to describe, I can only guess. But reparable and restorable look possible.

    I don't see what's wrong with resilient — unless it's in a context where a reader might confuse metaphorical elasticity with literal.

    And I don't understand why you need one word. Many adjectives would seem to lack only the sense 'ease'. So why not pick the best one and precede it with easily or a synonym of easily.

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