"A lit affection"

I have a question, can one say: "A new lit spread affection"?
Like, a new love appeared. It's bright and beautiful. And it was spread all around. "A lit spread affection"..

Like when a terrorist made an attack, people were hurt - but there would be some people that would open their doors and welcoming strangers into their homes for food and water = them being that "New lit spread affection"..
Does it make any sense or does it just sound weird?



  • Lit doesn't work, and nor does spread.

    The usual adjective from light is lighted, but that won't work either.

    The usual adjective from spread is widespread, but I don't think that's what you mean.

    • Go to the Dictionary — via link in top left-hand corner.

    • Look up shining and click +Synonyms for a choice of words.

    • Do the same with widespread.

    New tends to be the second adjectives, but you could write new and ...

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