Would you check whether those articles are correct, please?

He picked his (/) way through the queue waiting for the 6:10 express, and edged thecrowds of passangers pouring through (/) station entrances.

When he reached (/) Sir John´s office, he was offered a drink. The boss congratulated him on the succes of the mission to the Gulf and questioned him very closely on (/) details of the negotiations. After a short conversation, he invited Arthur, out of the blue, to come and have (/) dinner at his house the following Friday and to bring a partner along.


  • @Babeta1221

    In the first sentence

    • edged the crowds of passengers is wrong , but edged past the crowd of passengers would be OK.
    • It should be the station entrance

    In the second sentence

    • It should be the details of the negotiations

    Otherwise the articles are OK.

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