I want definition of the following statement shortly

In contrast to some contributions to modern growth theory, labor, capital and land were considered negligible other than in thought experiments designed 'to illustrate a principle'


  • What you want is impossible, @eneb1928. The writer has included a large amount of information in the sentence, and referred to information which is not stated directly. An explanation must be longer not shorter.
    Here's my attempt:

    • One branch of Economics studies economic growth.
    • Some recent theoretical studies can be grouped together as modern growth theory.
    • The writer is discussing something different from common ideas in modern growth theory.
    • This different approach considers labor capital and land as not important — unlike those common ideas in which these three factors are considered as very important.
    • However, this new approach does see one use for considering these three factors.
    • The use is to give an impression of how a general idea works — not to prove anything as part of an analysis.
    • The way it gives this impression is by imagining a situation.
    • This imaginary situation could be subject to imaginary change involving those three factors.
    • The logical result of this could give the impression of a general idea that the researcher wanted.
    • This is different from ordinary research experiments when scientists examine real situations and real changes.

    The writer has some economic principles in mind. I don't know enough about growth theory to suggest what they might be. He or she just assumes that the reader understands what these principle might be.

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