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“Niggardly”. This word should be removed, I was reading a text for my religon class and this word “Niggardly” came up. The definition is: Not Generous; Stingy. The fact that the word used back then for African Americans corralates to “Not generous; Stingy” is appalling. It is 2018!!! The word should not be in the dictionary or anywhere as a matter of fact. How can i get this word removed? It should be removed immedialey. Please get back to me. I am in highschool and I can not belive this is in the New Oxfrod American Dictionary!!

Do you feel the same way?
Am I overreacting?


  • Hi @VeronicaHoliday
    I appreciate your concern, but just clarify, the dictionary merely records words and the way people use them.
    You will find offensive and rude words in it, but they are labelled as such and are included because they are part of the record of the language. It does not mean the dictionary is suggesting that it is ok for people to use them.

    However, the word you refer to seems to have come from a completely different origin, and although bearing resemblance to an offensive term, it does not have anything to do with it.
    It is probably derived from niggard, which in turn comes from nig, a word of Scandinavian origin.
    See what the OED says about it:

    I hope this helps clarify the issue :)

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