Plural of Nouns ending with “ics”.

Physics is his favourite subject.
His Physics is weak.

Are both of these sentences grammatically correct. If not please tell me which one & why?


  • @ashokin573, the words physics is always singular.

    This is true for most similar nouns in -ics.

    • I think it's true for nouns denoting etc as something you study —_ economics, robotics, mathematics_ etc
    • It's not true when the noun denotes something you practice and one exampletactics/a tactic, heuristics/a heuristic

    But there's a problem with politics. When it's something studies, it's always singular. But when it denotes somebody's practice or attitude, it's generally plural. For example:
    His politics are very right wing.
    Politics are in currently in turmoil.

    But unlike tactic, there is no singular form politic. For a single political action or belief we use the noun policy.

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