Where, which problem

I have a problem with this sentence here, and it goes like this
”The bed ... I sleep in is alwas very comfortable” I have put in “where”, but teacher says it’s “which”, can anybody explain?
And I have another sentence which is “I can’t remember the name of the company ... he works, but I’d quite like to work there myself!” I have “where”, but is “which” wrong there?


  • @notericmeyer, we don't say

    In where do you sleep?

    We say

    Where do you sleep?

    The word where and and the word in don't mix — except when where is in a question and in is in an answer.

    This is not true of from and to. We can ask

    From where are you coming?
    To where are you going?

    I'm afraid you just have to learn the difference.

  • Your second question is much easier, though my answer is longer, I'm afraid.

    When the verb work means 'do ones job' then it;s INTRANSITIVE. This means that it isn't followed by an OBJECT. If your workplace is Acme Industries, you can't say

    I work Acme Industries

    There must be some PREPOSITION to introduce an ADVERBIAL expression.

    But which?

    The grammar is made less clear by using company to mean 'workplace'. This isn't wrong, although logically they're not the same. Still, you need to remember when you do it. If company is a workplace, then the question is Where?.

    And if it's relative to a workplace, then it's the company where...

    On the other hand, if company means 'employer', then the question is Who for? and the relative expression is the company for who (or for whom or for which...)


    I work for Acme Industries
    I work at Acme Industries

    Who do your work for?
    Where do you work?

    It's not impossible to say

    Where do you work at?

    but it's unusual. It's just about possible to say

    the company at which he works

    but this is also very unusual. It sounds less strange in informal style

    the company he works at

    who/which I work forinformal
    for which I workformal
    where I work — normal and either formal or informal
    where I work at — not normal and only possible if informal

    Just as you can't say

    I work Acme Industries

    you can't say

    What do you work?
    Acme Industries is what I work
    Acme Industries is the company which I work

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