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Hello! Please help me to make a correct title for the article. My variant is ‘Information culture formation of foreign students of engineering and pedagogical specialities’. It looks so heavy( and besides, there are two ‘of’.  I also tried ‘Foreign students’ information culture formation of engineering and pedagogical specialities’..  but it seems to me that it loses its sense then.. Please, help!


  • @Hannaleksa, I suspect that your language has a different meaning for formation. In English things are formed but people are trained. So I would start

    Training in ...

    I'm not sure what you mean by information culture. If it's an established term, then fine. I wonder whether it might be better to say

    the use of IT

    It's even possible that what you mean could be expressed by

    Familiarisation in IT
    IT familiarisation

    As for the rest of the sentence, the word specialities is wrong and unnexecessary, so you can say

    for foreign students of Engineering and Education.

    (The upper-case E signals 'subjects' (of academic study).

    Engineering and Education are subjects. A specialisation would be an area with a subject which is studied in greater depth. A speciality is something done with particular expertise.

    At the op of this page, there's a link to the Online Dictionary, so do look up:

    formation, culture, specialty, specialisation, study, familiarisation

    Also look up IT — choosing the spelling with raised 3 (like the sign for 'cubed').

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