Is this title acceptable without a question mark?

"Who Needs Christmas" is a sermon series graphic resource our church is using in December. The original art and title of the series never include a question mark at the end, but team members are questioning whether or not we should add it.

Is it correct without the question mark, and why?

My only assumption was that it's not posing the question, but stating that through the sermon we are going to be told who needs Christmas.


  • @mgraves13

    Since they're source materials, it seems to me that you're free to make your own choice of punctuation. If you want to present its as a question, then punctuate it accordingly.

    My only reservation is that I don't think it's such a good idea to add a question mark to something that has already been printed according to the instructions of a graphics designer. But if you're designing and printing the finished article(s) yourself, then your hands are completely free.

    I don't think the word 'correct' is of any use or relevance.

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