What does 'throwing up its hands at its own audience' mean?

Hello everyone. I'm a non-native English speaker. I'm reading a book about the Simpsons show now. I have a little trouble understanding the last part of the sentence. I read it a million times. I know about the idiom 'throw up one's hands', but I still don't get the proposal. I guess an author says the show gives up trying to please or entertain the viewers, or make them laugh, but I'm not sure about my guess. Am I right? What do you think? All ideas are welcome.

Starting in Season 8 though, the tone of those jokes changed markedly. Where the show had once been fond of an occasional subtle nudge to let the audience know that it was aware of the absurdities of episodic television (Burns never remembering Homer, Marge reminding Bart that he hasn’t used any of his famous catchphrases in four years), now it seemed exasperated or downright indifferent. For all its great moments, “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show” is about nothing so much as the show throwing up its hands at its own audience.

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