Seeking a Comprehensive Primer on All Manner of En- and Em-Dashes, Hypens, etc.

Because, I suppose, I seem relatively well-spoken in writing :), my responsibilities will soon increase - from monitoring and responding to an online forum and several social media outlets - to include being the grammar-and-punctuation checker for our company's web site. To that end, and especially because I've been told that the head of the company is big on the difference between an em-dash and a hyphen, I'm in search of an online or print article - does it warrant a book? - about these bits of punctuation.

I do realize that there is far from universal agreement on these things; nonetheless, I would like to do some reading on the subject.

Any links or suggestions will be appreciated, and thank you in advance for your time in responding. Our company is located in the US and therefore American English, if you please.

Thank you again.


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