Change the short word

When we watch Brazilian football on our tv then we saw like " Bra 0-0 Arg".  But in our country "Bra" is a  secret dress like this 👙  . sorry but we want to change this uses short word .... Thanks .    


  • Hi @Turjohasan
    Oxford Dictionaries are not prescriptive - they don't create or impose senses for words or expressions.
    The dictionaries record the use of the language, i.e. the way people use words and phrases.
    Of course languages change and evolve all the time, and a new word or sense will be added to the dictionary when there is enough evidence that people have been using it.
    Therefore, although your comment is interesting, we can't create or change a word.

    You are very welcome to make suggestions of words/expressions to be included in the dictionary by using this link for submitting suggestions to the OED.
    But as I mentioned above there would have to be sufficient evidence for a particular word for it to be considered for inclusion.
    I hope you find this useful :)

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