Please help me to translate university department correctly

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Hi everyone!

I work in a Russian university and I need to correctly translate the names of the university departments. One of our oldest departments (since 1943) is called Автотракторный or Department of Automobiles and Tractors and they teach the design and development of different vehicles, including tractors. Can I name this department Department of Automotive Engineering? Does 'automotive' include the study of tractors? I was thinking about Department of Automotive and Agricultural Engineering, but the head of the department doesn't like the agricultural part... Please, help me to find the right type of engineering that includes various vehicles, including tractors (vehicle engineering is not common in European universities).


  • The word tractor is historically important, so I'd prefer

    Department of Tractor and General Vehicle Engineering,

    If you want to include an auto- element, I suggest

    Department of Tractor and General Automotive Vehicle Engineering.

  • Thanks a lot!

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