Correct spelling for word SINDH (a province of Pakistan)


I just noticed the incorrect spelling for the word SINDH (a province of Pakistan) in the definition of word SINDHI, here is the link

In the definition, it says:

"1A native or inhabitant of the province of Sind in Pakistan."

Here, the word Sind is misspelled and it should be SINDH (H included).
I hope this error will be rectified soon and the word SINDH would be updated across the dictionary.

Here are some references;


  • Hi @askfriends
    Just a quick note to say that we forwarded the point you raise here internally (and thank you, by the way).
    Sometimes it takes a while before we can hear from other teams/departments, so I thought I'd let you know so it doesn't look like we are ignoring your message. :)

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