How to improve language by creating and recreating words, without "intermediaries"?

Language is not own by "them", the system, capitalism, whatever you consider the ones who rule us and the ways, paths, tools, media, ideologies, etc.

Or else, what? i rather try to do something, than shout but obey.


  • George Orwell disagreed. He believed that a totalitarian state could change the way that people think by forcing changes on the language. It's an important part of the plot of 1984.

    Personally, I'm more hopeful. I think people invent meanings when they speak together. Under an oppressive regime they develop a sort of code. To the oppressors it sounds harmless, but to the speakers it can express whatever they like.

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    that already happened, thats why we have to reapropiate again of language, the world is way more "different" than 1984, states are slaves, corporations also, this goes beyond a simple label as totalitarism, which could nowaways be simply called capitalism with asian face, i am not advocating for socialism, comunism or capitalism, those are incomplete proposals and way to misoginistic and anthropocentristic on their goals.

  • @DavidCrosbie: For example cockney rhyming slang?

    I agree that, where there is a need for a meaning, words will be created to fit the bill; over time some will rise to prominence and become part of general usage, whether or not they get recorded and whatever authorities try to do about it. You just need to look at the often futile attempts of the Académie française to try and prescribe language.

    To give Orwell his due, he didn't have to contend with a globalized world where words and language seem to cross borders at an ever increasing rate.

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